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Rubber Lagging
Rubber Lagging
Rubber Lagging
Rubber Lagging
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We sell Pully conveyor rubber or commonly called Rubber lagging. An important part of the conveyor system is Pully. Especially conveyor in coal, split rock, sand, cement and other industrial activity applications which are commonly called bulk materials. Pully function is as a wheel that is assisted by a motor and gear box to rotate so that the conveyor belt can run.
Pully is made of a plate because the usage is too long and exposed to the material so the pully will easily rust, this can certainly damage the belt. For that we offer RUBBER LAGGING PULLY available in various sizes ranging from 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm and 15 mm.Our other products are GLUE SC 2000, REMA BOND, METAL PRIMER, BELT CONVEYOR, SOLVENT, RUBBER SHEET and various materials and rubber especially for conveyor parts

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