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  • Instalasi Belt Conveyor
  • Instalasi Belt Conveyor
  • Instalasi Belt Conveyor
  • Instalasi Belt Conveyor
  • Instalasi Belt Conveyor

Services Description Belt Conveyor Instalation

We serve hot splicing belt conveyor installation services and cold splicing belts both in workshops and on site, guaranteed. Supported by our experienced technicians, we are sure to be able to fulfill what the customer wants. We work on splicing ply or steelcord belt conveyors.

Our company is specialized in conveyor system / material handling, from conveyor manufacturing, material procurement and conveyor maintenance. Conveyor maintenance such as CONVEYOR MAKING. INSTALLATION OF CONVEYOR BELT, FABRICATION CONVEYOR (STONE CRUSER) CONVEYO BELT CONNECTION (COLD SPLICING AND HOT SPLICING), REPAIR BELT CONVEYOR, INSERT BELT CONVEYOR, REPLACEMENT BELT CONVEYOR etc. We provide repair services for conveyor belts, torn belts. Splicing conveyor belts such as: Hot splicing, Conveyor fabrication / conveyor manufacturing, cold splicing or mechanical connection / fastener .. As well as belt cleaner installation services, pulley and roller installation services. We also provide conveyor maintenance contract services for either a six month period or an annual conveyor maintenance contract. We also provide lagging or rellaging. Pulley services. Our customers are PLTU-PLTU, cement factory, coal mine, stone crusher, textile factory, etc. We serve jobs throughout Indonesia. Supported by our technicians who are very professional and experienced in the field of conveyor systems, we are sure to be able to provide the best quality to customers. Our work is guaranteed. All the services we provide are guaranteed. We also sell supporting consumables such as SC 2000 glue, solvents and cover strips, Top Covers, Tie Gum, STL RF 4, Cotton Cover and other conveyor maintenance consumables. Contact us for a job consultation..

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