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Belt Repair
Belt Repair
Belt Repair
Belt Repair
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FOURTHANE A quick way to patch a conveyor belt. One of the causes of belts being torn or perforated is due to the high level of material transport, due to sharp objects such as metal, breaking glass or nails, and it could also be due to the age of the belts that have been used for a long time. . But what if the torn conveyor belt is caused by sharp objects, such as nails, metal or plate. We are here for us users in the field of conveyor systems, we introduce a product from South Africa FORTHANE, especially in dealing with tears in conveyor belts. The process is easy and the waiting period is not too long. This product is already widely used in the coal mining industry, or other factories throughout the world. PT. RAJAWALI MANDIRI CONVEYOR is a distributor for the territory of Indonesia. We have distributed many products throughout Indonesia.

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